School Uniform Policy 2022 / 2023

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Uniform Shirts& Sweaters/Sweatshirs (No Hoodies):

K-5:        White or Navy Cassell Polo, Collared shirt or Turtleneck
         Maroon Cassell Polo Shirt, Collared Shirt or Turtleneck

Uniform Pants; Jumpers or Skirts:

K-8:        Navy blue

 Uniform Shoes:

K-8:        Dress or Gym Shoes.
Due to safety concerns open toed or open heeled shoes are not permitted

Examples of items that are NOT allowed as part of the school uniform:

Heely Shoes, flip-flops, crocs, clogs, sandals, stretch pants, leggings, mid length shirts/sweaters, t-shirts or undershirts (unless they match the uniform colors and worn under the uniform shirt and no logos), navy pants with stripes, cargo pants, windbreaker athletic sportswear, jeans,  bib overalls, any clothing with holes or tears.  Additional items may be added at any time at the discretion of the school administration.Hairstyles that are disruptive to the learning environment are not allowed, hair coloring that is not of a natural shade, etc.  No makeup is allowed. No writing or coloring on the child’s body.

Gym Uniform:

Gym Shirt

K-5:             White or Navy CassellT-Shirt
            Maroon CassellT-Shirt

Gym Bottoms:

K-8:             Navy Cassell Shorts or plain sweatpants
*Shorts are to only be worn under sweatpants on gym days and worn during gym time between October 1 and April 30*

Hot Weather Uniform:

The Cassell Gym Uniformmay be worn during the months of May 1st–September 30th. Navy blue uniform shorts may also be worn. This Hot Weather Uniform is not mandatory. The building is air conditioned.

Dress Down Days

If you question if it is appropriate, then it probably is not.


K-8:             Must have sleeves, meet the waist


K-8:             Shorts (only allowed during hot weather time) and skirts must be knee length, bottoms worn at the waist


K-8:             No heels or open toe/sandals/crocs

Examples of clothing not allowed:  

Torn or clothing with holes, words or pictures that are not appropriate to the school setting, etc.
Appropriate clothing as determined by Administration’s discretion.

 School uniforms are mandatory ~

Should your child have sensory needs, please contact administration for individual accommodations.

Students who do not regularly comply with the uniform policy will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities/events:  ie:  sports, dances, etc.

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